1. Remember that God does not demand superior knowledge or ability, only availability and faithfulness. Leaders need to be under the guidance of a church.
  2. Speak to the school principal. Introduce yourself and tell him about the ministry and what the prayer group plans to do. Hand over information leaflet. Request permission to meet at the school and agree on a venue. Keep in touch with the principal.
  3. Make Mothers Who Care known in the school. Consider talking to staff members and mothers, and addressing the Scripture Union or SCA groups. Advertise the group meetings in school newsletters if permitted or send leaflets home with those attending SU or SCA. Insert note in church notices.
  4. Communicate with mothers who wish to join and decide on a suitable day and time.
  5. Obtain MWC manuals from your area co-ordinator and hand one to each group member. These may be copied. Go through the Four Spiritual Laws with group members at the beginning of the year and when a new member joins the group.
  6. Create a method for receiving prayer requests e.g. Book, Prayer box. Guard confidentiality.
  7. Have a contact person in the school who supports the ministry and who is willing to liase with the MWC group.
  8. Try to be genuinely positive, encouraging and supportive in your dealings with the school and members of the prayer group. Aim to establish an atmosphere of trust, caring and mutual support within the group. Denominational differences should not be allowed to come between members or affect Christian unity.
  9. Be alert to, and deal wisely with, interpersonal or personal issues, which may arise within the group. These must not be allowed to have a detrimental effect on the work or reputation of the group.
  10. Receive newsletters and pass them on in the group. Collect contact details of members and send email addresses to KZN Coordinator. Pass on information or requests received from co-ordinators.
  11. Keep in touch with your area coordinator; input and suggestions are appreciated.
  12. Advise coordinator of changes of leadership and/or contact details.
  13. Take responsibility for confidentiality. Emphasize the need for issues and information received to stay within the group and remind members to have respect for the private concerns of the people who have requested prayer.
  14. Remember that MWC is not a lobbying group.
  15. MWC groups might be asked to provide assistance in various ways. Please remember that our primary focus is prayer. If members agree to serve in some way, this can be a wonderful witness.
  16. Encourage members to attend Area Meetings and Combined Meetings, which alternate every term.
  17. In the last term or earlier, decide who will lead the group for the following year and notify your coordinator of these details. We encourage leaders to empower others to lead in the group so as to grow each other.
  18. Thank you for being willing. Enjoy being used by God to bless your school!


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