MWClogoCOLORbutterfly small editimage001   Keys to Remember

1. MWC is a calling ― not all people are called to be intercessors.

2. Ask God for “His” women to serve in this way.

3. Two women plus God constitute a battalion! Group size is not that important.

4. Determine to be on God’s agenda. God knows the details, trust Him.

5. Pray about, rather than discuss, issues. Don’t gossip. CONFIDENTIALITY is essential. It’s a privilege to be entrusted with prayer requests or sensitive information; this must be respected.

Group leaders must be alert to problems in this area and deal with them immediately. Remember that our behaviour outside prayer meetings reflects on our Lord and impacts on MWC.

6. Know where the real government is and who the real enemy is. The school is never our enemy.

7. Don’t expect non-Christians to have Christian values.

8. We can’t change hearts ― God can. Lobbying and protest cause polarisation. We pray. If people want to fight specific contentious issues they are to do so in their own private capacity and not as representatives of MWC.

9. Be aware that we release the Holy Spirit into the school. When Christians pray, Satan flees.

10. Verbalise the words: “We are praying for you”. Let our lives be a witness to the caring and loving heart of God. We need to be positive, involved parents at our schools; supportive people of integrity. Build up and maintain a relationship of trust with school staff.

11. Membership of a Mums’ Prayer Group is a  commitment. Once we are committed, the Lord deserves our faithful service.The primary purpose of a MWC group is to pray for others, yet members also experience personal growth in spiritual maturity and receive significant support and encouragement through these groups.


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