Ask The Lord to give you an idea in which to Bless those on staff at the school. Every group has a different dynamic.

Prayer groups have varied talents and abilities. Ask The Lord Jesus to show you what is ‘in your hand’ as a group to do.

Some Ideas are:-

  Your group may have lovely card making skills. Ask permission from the Principal first. Then ask the office for a Birthday List. You can take turns …each person do a month and present them with a bite size choc on their birthday.

  You may feel that Teacher’s Day is a lovely opportunity to encourage Staff. Do a Tea-time treat and decorate trays and platters with yummy treats. [It’s always a good idea to run it by the Principal to see if the idea fits with their activities/calender]

A group in Balitto decided to present staff with a gift on Teacher’s Day.

They had a card made and attached a packet of lovely chocs to the card.

Another Group – while praying felt that they would make a card for the

Headmaster to encourage and be a blessing to him. They put together a tray of

treats, chocs, coffee sachets, baked goodies, biltong, etc. It was a wonderful

blessing to follow the leading of Holy Spirit!


Below is a pic – Blessing the Staff with a Treat / Tea